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Alexandrina Simeon Quintett

Alexandrina Simeon: a singer, composer and band leader born in beautiful Varna on the verge of the Black Sea, at home between Bulgaria and Germany and living in Augsburg for many years now. In jazz she found the music that her heart desires – as it is honest and pure, it makes the perfect foundation for her cultural roots. With the sound of the first record “roots & influence”, the top-class „Alexandrina Simeon Quintet“ left quite an impression on the audience when performing on various festival and concert stages throughout Germany and Bulgaria.


Especially on her latest record „OCEAN TALES“, released by Unit Records in early 2018, she takes the audience back to her home country: The Bulgarian language, melodies and rhythms from former times, the musical legacy of the eastern edge of Europe, skillfully combined with western European Jazz and completed with a brilliant guest performance of Benny Brown from Hamburg. Surrounding the powerful Bulgarian vocalist, the band creates true fireworks of melodies and atmospheres – Bulgarian vocal jazz at its best.

The Alexandrina Simeon Quintett band members are: Alexandrina Simeon (voc, comp., lyrics) Daniel Mark Eberhard (piano, keys, arrangements) Stephan Holstein (sax) Andi Bauer (bass) Tom Steppich (drums) und als Gast Benny Brown (tr, flugelhorn)

OCEAN TALES on Spotify

Simeon/Eberhard Duo

One Voice and one piano – together they are a powerful and unique combination! Enjoy the Simeon/Eberhard-Duo with its sensitive and likewise passionate interpretation of jazz, soul, gospel music, as well as original compositions. In 2018 the Duo released their first record which is an exclusive cut from the concert of the Bulgarian national radio Varna.

Daniel Mark Eberhard – Concert activities have led him throughout Europe and the USA, where he performed with well-known artists, such as Jacques Loussier and André Arpino (France), Bobby Shew, Chico Freeman, Gil Kaupp (USA), Andy Haderer, Joo Kraus, Claus Reichstaller, Sebastian Studnitzky, Harald Rüschenbaum, Rüdiger Baldauf, Benny Brown, Jörg Widmoser, Stephan Holstein, Michael Lutzeier and the band Anajo (Germany) and also worked with the German writer Thomas Brussig and the Austrian actor Christiane Hörbiger. Among other things he also worked as the former musical director for the TV Channel ZDF and contributed to radio as well as to over 30 CD/DVD productions at renowned labels for a variety of music projects (jazz, blues, soul, pop, world music/crossover, classic). As an endorsement-artist he worked for KORG, HAMMOND and HOHNER. Following deputy and guest professorships, the award-winning artist and music teacher answered the call of the catholic university of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, where he works as a professor for music education and


„…her voice can be powerful, can yearn wistfully or can be sky-high shouting for joy…“

– Jazzthing

„When I think of what actually defines charisma in the voice, I think of Alexandrina. When I think of masterfully musicality in performance, composition and charm, I think of Alexandrina.”

– Sandy Patton, Vocalist/Professor, Bern (Switzerland)

„Her voice is like a bluesy caressing, a souly scratching and a jazzy attacking.“

– Nordhannoveranische Zeitung

„… what sticks out above everything else is the convincing but at the same time extremely versatile and confident voice of the vocalist and her strong presence.“

– Jazzthing

„A miracle of expressiveness… Simeon’s voice touches and moves the audience with a familiar confession when she gets to the heart of the melody.“

– Südkurier Friedrichshafen

“…a miracle of expressiveness…Simeon’s voice touches and moves the audience with a familiar confession when she gets to the heart of the melody..“

– Die Glocke, Gütersloh

Press reviews

„…They ingnited a musical firework. Simeon´s soft, expressive and unerring voice was carried by Eberhard´s virtuosic and imaginative piano performance. Both fully enjoyed the pleasures of the freedom of improvisation….”

– Augsburger Allgemeine (Simeon/Eberhard Duo)

“…It’s not only her expressive voice that amazes, but also her fellow musicians perform virtuously right from the start – first gently intoning, then moving onto a driving groove…”

– Jazzthing (Alexandrina Simeon Quintett)

„…The very subtle, tender interaction makes musical sparks sprinkle and the inner flame of life dance, so that a lighthearted freedom and happiness kicks in. Wonderful!...“

– Concerto (Alexandrina Simeon Quintett)

„…vocalist Alexandrina Simeon, Andreas Bauer (bass) and Joachim Holzhauser (vibraphone) fascinate the audience with jazz and soul that gets under your skin…”

– Augsburger Allgemeine (Triaphon)

„…this BigBand from Augsburg got the crowd moving with just the right mixture of groovy brass sections and busy rhytm groups…”

– Augsburger Allgemeine (The Horn Flakes)

„…If the ensemble catches fire, its performances turns into an inspired euphoria – it wouldn’t have taken much for them take off and fly….Alexandrina Simeon is the radiant center. Her large vocal range makes her a miracle of versatility…”

– Südkurier Friedrichshafen (Peter Vogel und sein Quintett)

„… Her fiery temper makes one wonder if there are indeed volcanoes in Bulgaria…“

– Augsburger Allgemeine (Vocalissimo)

Willi Nuszbaum & The Horn Flakes

Willi Nuszbaum and the Hornflakes is a BigBand from the Augsburg area, that gained a good foothold in the BigBand scene by a variety of concerts and balls, such as the gala ball in the “Parktheater/Kurhaus Göggingen”. Willi Nuszbaum is the musical and organizational leader of the BigBand since 1993 and promoted the groovy brass sound of his 20 musicians on various occasions, like the Augsburg opera ball, in the “Lustspielhaus” in Munich, on summer concerts at the Ammersee or events at the University of Augsburg and more. During that time, there were also cooperations with some well-known vocalists in the Augsburg and Munich music scene, such as Alexandrina Simeon, Kilian Sladek, Martin Schmid, Paul Miller, Alexander Seitz, Olga Dudkova or Barbara Frühwald.

The audience can look forward to a exiting and varied show for the concert program “Colors of Big Band”. There will be Big Band compositions of Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Stan Kenton, Bill Potts, Peter Herbolzheimer, as well as songs of Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Caro Emerald, Michael Buble or Roger Cicero. On the microphone you will see Alexandrina Simeon and Kilian Sladek, both either in solo or duo performances.

Peter Vogel and his quintet

Peter Vogel Quintett (Foto: Corinna Raupach)

Peter Vogel, pianist, composer and arranger from the south of Germany, is known as a musician that performs with such virtuosity and inventiveness that there is never a “final version” of a song. He combines soulful sounds with sophisticated structures, but at the same time in a very spontaneous way and with such compelling rhythms, which makes his work so magical. The range of his quintet covers classical music, refined crossovers, ambitious jazz tunes and also touching ballads. Apart from that, exceptional musicians wanted to interpret his works and arrangements.

WINGS on Spotify

Beside Peter Vogel on the piano, the charismatic singer Alexandrina Simeon from Augsburg, who delights the audience with her extremely versatile voice, the Austrian musician Christian Maurer, who is an exceptional talent on the saxophone, the bassist and groovemaster Dragan Trajkovski from Macedonia and the genius tactician Wolfi Rainer from Vienna playing the drums, are part of the quintet. On regular occasions, the quintet works with well-known classical ensembles such as the Szymanowski Quartet or the AMAR Quartet.

Alexandrina Simeon (vocals) Christian Maurer (saxophone) Peter Vogel (piano) Dragan Trajkovski (bass) Wolfi Rainer (drums)

More bands and ensembles

Magpie Alley (Foto: Barbara Seiler)

Magpie Alley

Current German and English hits, well-known classics, but also lesser-known musical treasures packed in self-written a cappella arrangements.

Whispering Grass

Modern jazz compositions by Andi Roßkopf.


Jazz-, Soul- and Pop songs given a very special acoustic interpretation by Jim Holzhauser (vib), Andi Bauer (b) und Alexandrina Simeon (voc)


Gospels, love songs and classical pieces together with Roland Plomer (p, organ) and other musicians.